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Year 6 Residential 2022


Our Year 6 residential trip is underway and the children have been thrown into the deep end of fun activities already! After a surprisingly short coach journey, we arrived and met our course leaders. After this, two groups hopped on some paddle boards and enjoyed some extremely challenging balancing (which of course led to some falling in the river Thames). Other groups enjoyed the risk of ascending up the large rock climbing wall or manoeuvring the Jacob’s ladder, relying on team work and communication to get to the top. After a packed lunch and much needed food, the children embarked on a laser tag battle in a realistic war zone while others defied the rules of gravity in the aero-ball arena. In the evening, the children, exhausted and satisfied, made their way to bed and enjoyed their first night of their residential camping experience. 


The children of All Saints are all now fully settled and thoroughly enjoying the activities that Longridge has to offer. After a continental breakfast, we began our day with creating catapults using only wooden rods and rope - also known as trebuchet. Following this, the children used teamwork and perseverance to build a tower of crates beneath them until they were metres off the ground. Luckily they were strapped in when the instructor kicked the tower away! After a filling packed lunch, the children hopped onto a self made raft in the river Thames and worked together to voyage across the water. It wasn’t long before dinner time struck and the children enjoyed a delicious hot meal before venturing back into the Thames in individual kayaks, playing games such as Polo to finish off a thrilling day at Longridge activity centre.