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Year 6 Residential 2021


The final full day at Kingswood has been as spectacular and adrenaline-fuelled as ever. The children began their day by climbing to incredible heights and walking along a wobbly wire using only dangling ropes to maintain their balance. However, they still enjoyed a beautiful scenic view of the countryside if they weren’t too scared to look down! Meanwhile, other groups had a very enjoyable experience creating a buggy out of large barrels, testing their teamwork and creative thinking skills. Some of the buggies might have been secure enough to carry them home back to Wokingham! After a filling and delicious lunch, the children set off blindfolded across the ‘night line’ course. With strange obstacles to navigate, Year 6 had to communicate effectively in order to reach the other end- although the teachers pouring water on them didn’t help! Finally, Year 6 braved the zip line and found multiple positions, poses and phrases to shout whilst leaping off the tallest tower in Kingswood centre. With their legs shaking and bellies rumbling, the children settled down for their last dinner of the trip. After packing ready for the final departure tomorrow, the course leaders gathered us round for a campfire where Year 6 sang songs, danced and told hilarious jokes. This, along with some beautifully toasted marshmallows, made it a special last night as the children tucked themselves for the final time.


Year 6 have experienced yet another thrilling and fear-facing day at Kingswood in Staffordshire. After a hearty breakfast, we had to test our upper body strength by rock climbing an 8 metre high wall (with a very scenic view at the top). Following this, the children had to brave a backwards walk down the abseiling course and even jump down if they were feeling particularly bold. The final test of Year 6’s courage was the leap of faith. Here, the children were to navigate their way up a tall, thin pole with tiny steps. Once at the top, the challenge was to jump and hit a floating ball which was achieved by most! After a delicious lunch, the children engaged in a game of rounders with our group leader before embarking into the afternoon activities. From building waterproof dens to solving some puzzling mysteries, the afternoon tested the children’s teamwork and communication skills. It wasn’t long before dinner struck and the children were eating once more- one aspect of dining Year 6 has drastically improved on is their tiding up skills which they will hopefully bring home with them! In the evening, the children enjoyed a large game of dodgeball before settling down for a quiz led by the course leaders. With a competitive spirit, the teams used their intellect and tired their brains out ready for the penultimate night of staying at Kingswood.


The children of All Saints are all now fully settled and throughly enjoying the activities that Kingswood has to offer. After a full English breakfast, we began our day with orienteering and exploring the grounds with teamwork as the aim while other groups demonstrated their fencing skills with some professional helmets to protect them. Following this, the children practiced their problem solving skills with a range of tasks that required communication and coordination- something they have improved with massively already! As the day progressed, the children climbed and navigated a near-military style obstacle course that pushed their determination to the limits. As hunger began to spread, Year 6 enjoyed a delicious burrito lunch and prepared for an early afternoon water fight (the instructors were not afraid to get involved too!). During the afternoon, some of the children managed to brave their first high up challenge of abseiling and faced their fears! Following a delicious dinner of fish and chips, the children of All Saints (and some of the teachers) scratched their heads at some mind boggling puzzles before taking part in the mini Olympics out on the playground, tiring them out for a full night of sleeping and recovery before the excitement continues tomorrow.


Our Year 6 residential trip is underway and the children have been thrown into the deep end of fun activities already! After a surprisingly short coach journey, we arrived and enjoyed some circle games to meet our course leaders. After this, the children had a chance tp perfect their archery skills or balance on the low ropes before being ready for a delicious hot dinner (of which everyone ate plenty!). In the evening, we gathered once more to build some impressive robot costumes with cardboard before using more materials to assemble a water balloon cage. The rule was that if the water balloon didn't smash, the teachers were to have them thrown at them. Luckily, the teachers remained dry but the course instructors volunteered to get wet instead! After a delicious hot chocolate and writing in their diaries, the children all settled in for their first night away, already exhausted but equally excited for the week.