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Our Worship Leaders

At All Saints CE Primary School we invite children to take on the role of Worship Leader for the academic year. One child is picked from each year group: Year 1 – Year 6 and reception in the summer term.


What is a Worship Leader?

As a Worship Leader, there are many roles and responsibilities. They play a part in planning and delivering Collective Worships across the school (during Covid-19 this has been virtually or in class Collective Worships). Worship Leaders wear a badge to represent their role to the rest of the school and model our 6 school values: honesty, kindness, respect, perseverance, inclusion and courage. Whilst modelling these values, Worship Leaders also notice children across the school and in their class that also display our school values fantastically. Each week, Worship Leaders are then able to nominate one child from their class to receive the All Saints Value Award. Prayers are also written and shared regularly as a way of showing our respect, love and thanks to God.


Inter Faith Week 2021

As a school, we have planned to celebrate Inter Faith Week which runs from the 14th- 21st November. As Worship Leaders, we will help deliver the Collective Worship, introduce the whole school competition and choose winners for each key stage. Winners of the competition will be shared on Monday 22nd November and winning posters will be posted onto the school website.

Our Worship Leaders...