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Who's Who


Mrs Tracey Stanton, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Our Class Teachers are shown below; we also have experienced and valued Teaching Assistants in each class.
Early Years Foundation Stage
Miss Moss

Mrs Woods

Mrs Swarbrick
Year 1 Poland
Mrs Chard
Mrs Ogston

Year 1 Romania

Mrs Dawson, Assistant Headteacher, Lower School
Year 2 Belgium
Miss Jordan
Year 2 Wales

Miss Cole
Year 3 Brazil
Mr Sayer

Year 3/4 Germany

Mrs Pietri
Year  4 Ireland
Mrs Jones
Year 5 Spain

Mr Hatton
Year 5/6 America
Ms Sherfield

Year 6 America

Miss Rolls, Assistant Headteacher, Upper School


Inclusion Team

Mrs Linden Wilkinson, SENCo, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Sue Maguire, Family Support Worker, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Parsons, Attendance Officer