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Thank you for showing an interest in our school.

All Saints is a safe, welcoming and nurturing school that offers a sense of belonging. We are a growing school family and we pride ourselves that we know each and every child inside out. We do our best to help each child find their strengths and talents so that they will flourish and be challenged. At the heart of our school is a strong moral code based on Christian values. We pride ourselves on being fully inclusive and expect all children in our diverse school family to work hard to achieve their potential. An integral part of All Saints is our provision for children with complex physical needs, promoting an understanding that while we are all different we are all valued equally.

Links with families are important as we believe a strong partnership between parents and school is essential for a child’s well-being and development. We have relentlessly high expectations of ourselves and others.

We are innovative, aspirational and consistent in our holistic approach to teaching, constantly reflecting on our practice. We make learning creative, stimulating, relevant and fun with lots of challenge, setting ambitious goals for the future. We offer our children a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and experiences to ignite their passion and interest in learning, giving them the skills and tools they need to take off and fly!

Happy children make good learners!



Mrs Tracey Stanton, Headteacher