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'My Journey'

On Tuesday 24th May Kathryn Horsepool from Wokingham’s ‘My Journey’ team, visited Year 5 to deliver an air pollution workshop.   The pupils of both America and Mexico got the chance to learn about what air pollution is and how it affects us. After that, they developed a scientific hypothesis about levels of air pollution around school and then used specialist monitors to measure the levels of air pollution gases at different locations around the school grounds.  Lot’s of great science learning was completed, including analysing the data, this proved to the children that their predictions were mostly correct.   

Many thanks to the ‘My Journey’ team. 

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STEM Week 


Year 5/6


In years 5 and 6 during STEM Week, we were thinking about how the pandemic ,which we have all been living through for the last 18 months, has encouraged scientists and engineers to innovate for the future.    We worked through a series of challenges that were set by the Royal Academy of Engineering that encouraged us to think creatively, critically and logically.     We learnt all about what a virus is, what is looks like and how it lives and spreads.   We created our own models of the coronavirus to help us understand these ideas and a poster to inform others about our findings.


We looked at how materials can be separated using chromatography and linked this to the testing that has been taking place.  We used chromatography to separate the ink in a variety of pens – testing to see if the ‘blue ink virus’ was present.  



We also investigated the materials and designs used for face coverings and created our own innovative designs.  We thought about comfort, practicality, sustainability and technology to create our ultimate face covering.


Our last challenge was to plan an investigation into the air flow through different materials.  Investigating which would let enough air through but could block larger particles moving in and out.   We used an electrical circuit to create an air flow with a motor and a small propeller to test the different materials.

In Year 5 and 6 we have had a fantastic start to the year.   We have been learning about the invasions of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and how they struggled for control of England.    We have also learnt about their culture and how they lived.  We have made Anglo-Saxon brooches from clay in our Art lessons and built Anglo Saxon buildings in DT, developing our skills of joining materials.    In English we have studied a version of the Ancient Anglo-Saxon epic poem, Beowulf.  This has been very exciting and also rather gruesome!  We all enjoyed creating our own monsters and heroes when we wrote our own Anglo-Saxon story.   

 Science this term has been all about materials.   We have investigated which material would be best for insulating an Anglo-Saxon warrior on a freezing cold day in England, as well as having great fun, and getting rather messy, separating materials using sieves and filters. 

We were really looking forward to our trip to Ufton Court to continue expanding our knowledge of Saxons and Vikings and experience some engaging hands on, practical activities and we were certainly not disappointed.   We spent the morning as everyday Saxons, learning all the skills we would need.  Then, taking part in a court room drama to find out about Saxon crime and punishment.   The afternoon turned to the Vikings, and we experienced  raiding across the world on a real Viking long boat, as well as testing our skills as Viking warriors, with shields and swords.  We learnt so much and had a fantastic day.