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We would like to share some of our learning with you ...


During STEM week in Year 2, children were thinking about how to engineer for a more sustainable future. The week kicked off with a look at colour and natural pigments when the children explored Who invented blue? They went out into the school grounds to investigate if they could find natural pigments for all of the colours of the rainbow.

Children conducted their own blind taste test to decide whether “wonky” fruit and veg tasted as good, better or worse than produce that looks perfect.

To tie in with their historical study of people significant to British history, children began to learn about doctors and nurses of the past. Just like surgeons, they enjoyed dissecting an orange and separated peel, pith,  segments, flesh and pips, without spilling too much juice, using just their fingers and tweezers. Some surgeons were so impressed with their work, they even ate their “patients” at the end of the lesson.