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All Saints Christmas Church Service


One miraculous night I was looking over the beautiful town of Nazareth when all of a sudden a remarkable angel appeared to a sweet, young girl called Mary. She could not believe her eyes! As I listened from high above, the glistening angel told Mary that she was going to have a new born baby called Jesus.




Some exciting months later Mary and Joseph were ordered by bossy Caesar to go back to where Joseph was born in Bethlehem. It was a long journey but a strong, smelly donkey carried Mary all the way while she was pregnant. What a terrible thing to do!




After two days they arrived at Bethlehem but there was no room at the inn. Luckily, a kind man said they could stay in his stable even though it was very dirty. Mary and Joseph did not say no. Then I saw Mary have baby Jesus. It was an extraordinary sight to see and everyone was so happy.




Far away in the sandy desert I saw some wise men tending their camels and I led them to the stable. Meanwhile, some shepherds were tending their flock of sheep when, without warning, an angel appeared and said to them that a new born kind was going to be born.

Finally, everyone had arrived in the town of Bethlehem after many long, tiring days of travelling. They worshipped him joyously and I knew that this was a sign of great things to come.




This term Year 2 have been looking at a range of traditional tales, along with their alternative versions. The children have written some fantastic stories based on The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig, along with some fantastic persuasive letters to the Ugly Stepsisters begging for them to return Prince Charming, after kidnapping him. Also linking with their ‘Twisted Tales’ topic, in Science the children have looked at materials, their properties and have conducted some experiments to see which materials would be best to build a strong, waterproof house for the Three Little Pigs. From this, the children used their results in DT to create their own strong, waterproof house. In Maths we have focused on applying their taught calculation skills (addition and subtraction) to word problems whilst also looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. For the lead up to Christmas, Year 2 have been working really hard on our Christmas production; learning their lines, dances and songs. Not only have they put on a load of fabulous performances but they have begun to use their understanding of the Christmas story from their nativity and apply this in their RE lessons, thinking about why God really sent Jesus to our earth.


A reminder – Home learning is sent out on a Friday, to be returned the following Friday. Please continue to read with your children as much as possible, practise their cracking numbers, spellings and times table rock stars (usernames and passwords are stuck in at the back of their blue home learning books).


Next term – Year 2 will continue to have PE throughout the week, either a Tuesday or Wednesday and every Friday. Please bring in a named PE kit on a Monday morning and leave at school for the following week.