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We would like to share some of our learning with you ...

Church Service Words

Dear God

Thank you for Christmas, when we celebrate your son Jesus being born.

Thank you for presents, pretty decorations, family time and yummy food.

Please help us care for the homeless and hungry people this Christmas.



Dear God

Thank you for the Creation, for all the beautiful animals, trees and plants that make our planet amazing.

Please help us look after our world.



What a busy half term! In Maths, Year 1 children have been learning to count and write numbers beyond 20 using acorns, cones, sticks and seeds.

In Science, the children have been identifying and describing the materials everyday objects are made from and exploring why. They showed great team work to make the houses from the Three Little Pigs to see if they could withstand the huff and puff using a hairdryer.

In English, children learned and acted out traditional tales such as the Little Red Hen in order to help them write in sentences to tell their own version of the story.

For an introduction to History, children were learning about the two Queens Elizabeth in preparation for our exciting trip to Windsor Castle.

In Art, children were mixing colours and using paintbrushes to create different marks and effects.

Children wrote letters to God about how Christians feel about the Earth because of the creation story for R.E.



In Maths, Year 1 children have been making their addition and subtraction number sentences make sense and learning to partition numbers into tens and ones.

In Science, the children have looking for evidence of the seasons and went on an Autumn scavenger hunt. We found mushrooms!

For an introduction to Geography, the children went on a Google Earth walk to All Saints Church in preparation for the real thing. They are learning position and direction to help them navigate in maths, in P.E. and in computing this is helping them to program Beebots to move.

Children are designing, constructing and decorating their homes fit for a King or Queen in Art, Design & Technology.


We are looking for volunteers to help transform the space outside the Year 1 classrooms. We would like to dig over and empty the beds including taking a tree down to get ready for the children to design and plant a new in spring. CAN YOU SPARE AN HOUR OR TWO? WE NEED YOU?