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Read Write Inc Phonics

Phonics at All Saints


At All Saints we have introduced the highly successful Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc phonics programme from September 2019 to teach our children to read, write and spell. Our aim is to ensure that our children become competent at spelling and fluent at reading giving them the best possible start to their learning journey.


Read Write Inc sessions take place each day for all Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children and those children who need further support in phonics in the rest of the school. The pace and consistency of the programme is a key element to developing reading skills which unlocks the whole curriculum for our children.


The ultimate aim of the Read Write Inc programme is for children to be able to learn and apply sound blending skills and to learn to segment words in order to become confident and fluent readers.


In Nursery, the children learn to recognise, hear and say sounds daily using RWI picture cards.

In Reception, the children have daily speed sound and blending lessons building up to reading storybooks exactly matched to the sounds they have learnt.

In Year 1 the Read Write Inc lesson involves a 20 minute speed sound practice; 20 minutes of guided reading and 20 minutes of structured writing in their Get Writing books.

From Year 2, once children are fluent at decoding they progress onto developing their literacy and language skills in their daily English lesson.


All children who are reading the RWI storybooks in their class lessons will bring home a Book Bag Book which exactly matches the sounds learnt in the session. The children will be able to read this book independently but it is important that you listen to your child read this book several times so that they build up their fluency and expression.  In addition to this book they will bring home a library book of their choice which will be above their reading level therefore it is important that you share the reading of this book with your child.


Read-a-lot-children do well at school; they read in two days what many children read in a year.  They absorb the vocabulary, grammar, ideas and above all, knowledge.

Everything hangs on children wanting to read: begging, nagging and testing do not get children to want to read. Children are like us – they only read if they want to.

I don’t think there’s a big secret about what to do; we need to show children how much we love stories. Read great stories, poems and non-fiction every day, all through school. What we love today they might read tomorrow.   Ruth Miskin



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