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All Saints CE Primary School and Nursery PE Curriculum


At All Saints CE (Aided) Primary School and Nursery we believe that physical education, experienced in a safe and supportive environment, is a vital contributor to a child’s physical development and well-being. We believe Physical Education should be an area of learning where self-esteem, physical progression and positive attitudes are fostered and nurtured.  Through independent, group and team work, our curriculum aims to improve the wellbeing and fitness of all children, whilst teaching them how to co-operate, collaborate and reflect.  Our intent is to teach a broad and balanced curriculum from Early Years through to Year 6, adapted so all pupils, regardless of additional need, have the opportunity to be successful in all areas of PE, including swimming.


PE is taught from Early Years to Year 6 by class teachers and external coaches. All Saints has invested in the Real PE programme as we feel it matches our vision and the needs of all of our children. It focuses on 6 key areas that we feel are essential in the development in children as they grow and learn. The 6 key areas are shown below:

  1. Physical- for all children to be able to effectively transfer skills and movements across a range of activities. For all children to perform a variety of skills consistently and effectively in challenging or competitive situations.
  2. Health and Fitness- for all children to be able to explain how individuals need different types and levels of fitness to be more effective in their activity. For all children to be able to explain the importance of physical activity and how long to exercise to keep healthy.
  3. Creative- for all children to be able to use a variety of movements to respond in an imaginative way adapting and adjusting their skills, movements or tactics.
  4. Cognitive- for all children to be able to review, analyse and evaluate their own strengths and areas of development. For all children to be able to read and react to different game situations as they develop.
  5. Social- for all children to be able to involve others and motivate others to perform. For all children to be able to give and receive feedback to improve their own performance.
  6. Personal- for all children to be able to create their own learning journey. For all children to be able to see all new challenges as opportunities to learn and develop.

Each class has two lessons of PE per week and staff follow a well-planned, progressive, spiral curriculum that ensures knowledge and skills are developed through a range of topics: dance, games (invasion, net, wall, striking and fielding), gymnastics, swimming and athletics.  Our on-site pool is used to maximum effect to enable all pupils from Reception to Year 6 to have at least one term of weekly swimming lessons in each year they are in school.

Beyond PE lessons, pupils are encouraged to participate in a range of structured sport activities at lunch time, lead by external coaches.  After school clubs offer sporting opportunities to pupils and participation in local tournaments and events enable a wide range of pupils the opportunity to take part.


Our pupils are confident participants of Physical Education. Progress is measured through regular teacher assessments. These take place at the end of each term within the year.  We measure the impact of our curriculum through learning walks, lesson observations and pupil voice discussions.