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Summer Fair

All Saints Fair - Goes Single Use Plastic Free


All refreshments were free from 'single use plastic' at the All Saints Summer Fair on Saturday 29th June.  The sun blazed down but rather than selling bottled water the PTA provided free water and squash and encouraged people to bring reusable cups and bottles.  Clair Taylor, PTA Chair said ‘our children want to be more green, so we’ve taken steps this time to ensure the school fair generates less waste, if its good enough for Glastonbury, its good enough for us.  We’ve also sewed our stall signs onto tablecloths – they look lovely and it saves paper’.


Everyone enjoyed the festivities which included St John's Scottish Dancing Club Wokingham, performing a wonderful display with audience participation, recitals from the school choir, pony rides, ferret racing, Dali Ballooni and of course custard pie-face for the teachers.