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Gardening at All Saints School...

On Saturday 27th January, we had our most recent gardening party! Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Draper did a great job clearing the pond of excess plants and leaves and they found loads of creatures for our children to learn about in class.

Mr Page, Mr Bernard and Mr Briggs managed to clear the old willow maze which no longer contained any willow trees so after removing all the other random species it is almost ready to replant…..just a bit of maintenance needed to the structure.

Mrs North managed to single-handedly destroy a giant pine tree branch which must have snapped off in the recent winds by the football goals. Mr North appeared to be the most sensible out of the lot of us and stayed inside working on some old computers!

Mrs Reed, Mrs Dawson and Mrs Page carried on improving the early years area, cutting back the willow den and generally getting the area ready for the summer. The outdoor learning areas in early years just keep getting better and better. Can’t wait to see it in the Spring…..

Mrs Stanton seemed to be everywhere at the same time….she might have superpowers….not sure……!

And while all that hard work was going on, I was keeping warm in front of the fire….. I was making sure all the branches and leaves were suitably disposed of 😊 And, lastly – thank you to all the children who were amazing. There is nothing more exciting (possibly a slight exaggeration) than having the run of the whole school grounds…..with no one telling you to stop doing something….except eating a whole packet of biscuits……you know who you are!!!!

If you can join us next time, your help would be greatly appreciated. A great opportunity to meet new people and socialise so please come and join in the fun….tea and coffee is supplied…..

we aim to do this every two months so look out for the next date and get involved!


Thank you everyone for your support.

Rob Dawson

Isabelle and Melissa’s Dad (and School Governor)