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2017 - 2018 Sports Reports

Autumn Term

Netball Qualifiers Match Report

On Tuesday 3rd October, seven Year 5/6 pupils participated in a Netball qualifier against several other schools. We won a match, drew two, and lost two. Luckily our valiant effort was enough as we qualified to go to the finals on 18th October. Both students and teachers were extremely proud of the team and the perseverance, respect and sportsmanship they showed.

Keephatch B Team Football Match Report

On Monday the 16th of October, nine Year 5/6 students played a match at home against Keephatch to kick of the school’s sporting year. Keep Hatch kicked the ball and started the game off and about 5 minutes later they scored. About 3 minutes later they got through but Connor made a great save, passing the ball to Josh, then it was on to Connor, but a good tackle by a Keep Hatch player resulted in a goal to make it 2-0 to Keep Hatch. About 10 minutes later a defender for Keep Hatch got the ball who passed the ball to Evan and it went in to make it 2-1! Unfortunately, one of the Keep Hatch players got injured and had to go off the field. All Saints kicked off the second half and 10 minutes later Theo had a great shot which was saved with the ball then going to Annalea who scored! 2-2. 7 minutes later Keep Hatch got through and scored making it 3-2, scoring again 8 minutes later, making the final score 4-2 to Keep Hatch. We thought it was a good game for our first match.

Match Reporters : Evan R and Ollie O’N

Netball Match Report

After qualifying at the beginning of the month, we played in the Year 5/6 Netball finals on Wednesday 18th October 2017. We had nearly the same team competing that went to the qualifiers but had to play against many different schools. We rotated our positions so that we got a turn playing in defensive and offensive positions. We won a few games but did not win overall.

Boccia Finals

Three girls from Year 3 represented the school in the Boccia finals on 21st November after qualifying on the 7th. The girls were brilliant at getting their ball really close to the white target ball known as the jack. Every one of them actually managed to touch it at some point during the tournament. There were seven other schools there and the girls from All Saints won two of their matches and drew others, only losing to the team that came 1st overall.


Eighteen Year 5/6 students participated in a wide variety of indoor athletics activities against approximately 20 schools on the 5th of December 2017. A few of the children won their individual races and beat personal bests on the throwing and jumping activities which included relays, a speed bounce, javelin, vertical jump, standing triple jump and obstacle relays. All the students enjoyed the activities greatly and it was a great experience to have the Secondary School Sports Leaders to arrange each station.

Unfortunately, All Saints did not gain enough points overall to place against the 40 other schools (20 schools competing on 2 separate days) but the children were eager to return next year.

Football A and B team Match Report

On Wednesday 13th, our Year 3/4 A and B football teams travelled to St Pauls primary school for a match during the afternoon. A few Year 6 children went with them to referee and officiate the matches. Both games were played valiantly in the rain, with both teams scoring. However, it eventually got too much and the matches had to be finished early.

Spring Term


On the 22nd February, 12 children went to Pinewood Gymnastics to compete in floor, vault and trampet events against 7 other schools. They were all an absolute credit to the school with their performance, behaviour and manners and we are so proud of them. Both the Year 3/4 team and the Year 5/6 team came 2nd out of the attending teams and received certificates for their efforts. There had been another heat earlier on in the day and so out of the full 13 schools competing, our Year 5/6 team came 4th and our Year 3/4 team came 3rd- only 0.2 points away from 1st!

Tag Rugby Festival

On Friday 23rd February 2018, Year 4 boys went to Crossfields School in their first taste of competitive tag rugby. The children made so much progress between the first and last match. A fair few of our players managed to score points and they all seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Football Festival

On Wednesday 28th February 2018, seven Year 5/6 girls had a go at playing football against several other schools at Goals in Woodley. Despite the harsh weather, they did All Saints proud, winning a match and drawing another. Although the girls had never played football together before, they displayed great sportsmanship and played well as a team. They encompassed our school values of respect and inclusivity and they were a credit to the school.

SMASH Badminton Competition

On Friday 9th March there was a Year 3/4 SMASH Badminton competition at Woodford Park. There were 8 stages and 8 people on our team. Mr Smith and Mrs Sherfield came with us and said we improved on every single stage. We counted that we had 178 points by the end, we didn’t win but we still had fun!

Match Reporters : Isabelle D + Isabelle P

Tag Rugby Competition

On 26th March, a group of 8 Year 5/6 children went to a friendly tag rugby competition at Reading Rugby Club. We left school at five to three and returned about six. Our first match we won, second match we lost, third match we lost, fourth match we drew and finally, we won the final gam of the tournament. We were all so proud of ourselves, also we were so tired!

Match Reporters : Theo B + Alex S

Summer Term

TriGolf Competition

On the 8th May 2018, ten Year 3/4 students went to Sands Martin Golf Club to take part in a tri-golf festival.

There were 9 teams there, and there were 8 activities and 1 pit stop. It was so much FUN!! We all loved it. The hardest one was where you had to chip the ball into the coned area without it rolling past the furthest cone line. If you chipped it without it bouncing, you get 5 points and a chance to try to get the ball into a semi-circle. If the ball rolled into the coned area you get 1 point, if any stopped outside the coned area it didn’t count. Sadly we were not in the top 3 and Nine Mile Ride came first.

We all had a great time!

Match Reporter: Jessica S


Twelve children went to Woodford Park on 10th May to compete in an orienteering competition against twelve other schools. They were grouped into pairs and took it in turns taking a map with a control point marked onto it. They had to use the map key, their sense of direction and recognisable landmarks to run and collect the correct marker. Children enjoyed it immensely- especially those who had not represented the school at competitions before. A few of the children had gone to the competition last year and found an improvement in their skills as they did not get lost this time!

All Saints came 10th overall and the students are looking forward to progressing further next year.

Year 5/6 Mini Tennis Orange

On Tuesday 12th June All Saints were invited to go and play Tennis at Cantley Park. After school until 5:30, four children from Years 5 and 6 went- 2 boys and 2 girls. We played singles matches against children from other schools. We were so excited and really enjoyed doing it. It was the best competition because we got through to the Semi finals and came fourth overall. They gave each of us a medal and we felt so proud!

Match Reporter: Leila J

Year 3/4 Mini Tennis Red

On the 15th June 8 children from Year 3/4 went to Shinfield Tennis Club. When we got to the courts, we sat outside the court with lots of other schools. The helpers introduced themselves and explained the rules to us. Our toughest competition was against St Mary’s- they were really good! We had loads of fun though. We won some and lost some and didn’t win overall but it was okay, we didn’t mind.

Match Reporter: Cody, Cayden and Lenny

District Sports

On 28th June, we went on a coach with Keephatch to Palmer Park. At District Sports, there were many schools and many races. There was also High jump, Long jump, Relays and Shotput. It was hot so we got to have an icelolly!

At the end, the organisers handed out trophies, medals and certificates. Annalea won 3rd place in Shotput and got a certificate. Isabelle D won 1st place in the 60m sprint for the girls and was awarded a trophy (which will be engraved with her name), medal and certificate.

We all had great fun!

Match Reporter: Isabelle D