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Green Park 2019

Monday 20th May 2019

We have had a brilliant first day on our school holiday! The children have been orienteering, on a night walk and taken part in a team building challenge. We have had a lovely dinner and are now in the midst of a fashion show before we have some reflection time and hot chocolate. The children are looking forward to the activities tomorrow.


Tuesday 21st May 2019

We’ve all had a good nights sleep at Green Park and have just enjoyed our breakfast. Now we are ready for a day in the sunshine. We are starting our day with either abseiling, archery or trebuchet. 


We have had the most wonderful day in the sunshine here at Green Park. The children have challenged themselves on the abseiling wall, making giant catapults and taking aim at the archery. They also enjoyed a fun-packed session in the swimming pool. This evening we were joined by Mrs Stanton and Mrs Parsons for a night hike through the grounds and great fun was had by all when we participated in a scavenger hunt.
We have been selecting children for special awards at the end of each day.  Our 'Stars of the day' have been: Katie, Dylan and Leila for Monday. For Tuesday, our winners were:  Kayleigh, Jess and Saanvi. 
Children who have been great team players have received a ‘Team player of the day’ award. So far our winners are: Khadija, Seweryn, Mohid, Trisha, Joe and Louis.  These have been chosen by the children.


Wednesday 22nd May 2019

Another fun-filled day full of excitement and challenge. We are incredibly proud of the perseverance and team work shown by ALL children today. We have enjoyed a range of activities including:  bush craft where we learnt survival skills; the ten-metre-high zip wire; crate stacking where team work was key; the Jacob’s ladder where we tried to reach for the sky and mountain biking through the woods in the afternoon sunshine was a highlight for many children.  We ended the day with a quiz which covered many topics from science to YouTubers.  


Thursday 23rd May 2019

Wow! The sun has continued to shine on another amazing day here at Green Park and we can't believe it's our last full day here. The children have all been amazing and yet again have challenged themselves even further. The team work has improved enormously over the week as the children have completed challenges in water rockets, mountain biking, crate stacking and climbing. We all finished the afternoon with a foot golf tournament and the children are currently enjoying the disco.

Our 'Team Players of the Day' today were Olivia, Seweryn and Maya. Our 'Star of the Day' winners were: Kende, Kane and Shacia.