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Welcome to Year 6; Our teachers are supported by Mrs Tee, Mrs Blackham, Mrs Keskar and Miss Hodkinson

To find out about our learning this term please visit our Curriculum newsletters page.



Thursday 22.00

Despite a soggy start, the rain didn't dampen our spirits and our last full day here at Green Park has been one to remember. Today children have reached new heights (literally) whilst climbing to the top of the climbing wall and building towers with crates. Mountain biking round the beautiful grounds has been a highlight for all and one child even learnt to ride a bike for the first time! Although there were some bumps in the rode and some questionable braking, all children completed the course successfully and safely. The sun shone down on us towards the end of the afternoon and we played 18 holes of footgolf with a few shots that would rival the masters. In true All Saints style, we ended the evening with a disco. The outfits were spectacular and the boys' make up was impeccable. Many a dance move was busted in the middle of the dance floor with the teachers even learning how to floss and the children learning the Cha Cha Slide.


We are really looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow after some climbing, low ropes and climbing the Jacob's ladder.



Wednesday 11.00pm

Year 6 have had a great day today, learning new skills such as fire lighting and building shelters as well as building our team skills in a number of different activities! We have stacked crates and climbed Jacob's ladder and have had to help each other every step of the way in order to achieve the final goal. Year 6 even managed to get 100% of children down the zip - wire, an experience which a lot of children were very apprehensive about and many struggled with in the beginning; however with help, support and encouragement from all of our friends we were all able to enjoy an adrenaline rush that none of us will ever forget!

This evening we had a huge amount of belly laughs in the All Saints fashion show and enjoyed a range of very interesting creations.

We cannot wait for the exciting activities that await us tomorrow, including a year 6 swim and a disco as well as a talent show in the evening - we look forward to seeing what talents our year 6's have hidden away all year.

Tuesday 22.10pm

We have had an exciting day at Green Park today where many of us have shown great perseverance in overcoming personal challenges. The children have been smiling all day and have taken part in: Archery, Abseiling, Trebuchet (building a giant catapult) and water rockets which the glorious weather turned into a water fight. We finished the night with a hike through the woods and thrilling scavenger hunt. All the children are now tucked up in bed and exhausted from the days fun filled events.


Tuesday 09.40am

Everyone got through the first night just fine!    Bright and sunny day, all had breakfast and are looking forward to the day's activities.

Monday 22.50pm ..... 

We have had an amazing although very exhausting day at Green Park!   The highlight for many has been the nightline challenge where we had to navigate blindfolded through a course in the forest. We finished the day drinking hot chocolate and watching a beautiful sun set.