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Who's Who

Our Headteacher is Mrs Tracey Stanton and our Class Teachers are shown below; we also have experienced and valued Teaching Assistants in each class.

Early Years Foundation Stage
Miss Moss

Mrs Woods

Mrs Swarbrick
Year 1 Poland
Mrs Chard
Mrs Ogston

Year 1 Romania

Mrs Dawson, Assistant Headteacher, Lower School
Year 2 Belgium
Miss Jordan
Year 2 Wales

Miss  Cole
Year 3 Brazil
Mr Sayer

Year 3/4 Germany

Mrs Pietri
Year  4 Ireland
Mrs Moir 
Year 5 Spain

Mr Hatton
Year 5/6 America
Ms Sherfield

Year 6 America

Miss Rolls, Assistant Headteacher, Upper School


Inclusion Team

Mrs Linden Wilkinson, SENCo

Mrs Maguire, Family Support Worker

Mrs Parsons, Attendance Officer