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We would like to share some of our learning with you ...

The children in Reception have been having a busy time learning all about transport and the seaside. The children enjoyed our transport topic last term and over the Easter holidays a car arrived in our role play area. (It was very kindly made by one of our dads!) The car became part of our garage and the children used tools to fix the car, sponges to wash it and wrote MOT certificates. In maths, the children went out and completed a traffic survey, learning how to tally and how to create a bar chart with the results.

We were also very fortunate to be able to take all of the children on an aeroplane which set off from our Acorns Hall! The children boarded the plane with their passport and had to find their numbered seat. They were then given a safety talk by a member of the cabin crew and enjoyed a drink and a biscuit as their inflight meal!

We were also very lucky to have lots of volunteers who came in to school for our transport afternoon with their vehicles. We had classic cars, an electric car, a motorbike, a camper van and a VERY nice yellow sports car. The children all got to sit in the cars and ask questions about them to their owners.


This term we are looking forward to our trip to the beach at Littlehampton. In preparation, the children have written instructions for how to make a sandcastle and a list of what they will need to take to the beach. They have also written lovely simile and senses poems all about the seaside.